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January, 2018

An opportunity to visit the wonderful Bhutan, do a moderate trek and explore a country where Gross National Happiness is measured rather than GDP! Alternatively, come on our Meditation Trek. Clear the mind and recharge whilst visiting some fascinating monasteries in the Everest Region.

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BHUTAN - Land of the Dragon ... is situated on the ancient silk road between Tibet, the India subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

The trek is to Dagala Thousand Lakes. It is a moderate trek and a great opportunity to see stunning views of the entire Himalayan mountain range.

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Monastery Trek with Meditation

This is an opportunity to spend time visiting and meditating in monasteries that were established over 1,000 years ago. It is a very special trip and an enlightening experience to spend time with the Monks and Nuns who have meditated most of their lives. The trek is done in warm weather and an opportunity to step back from our busy lives. Some of the monasteries included in this visit are: Tengboche, Khumjung, Kunde, Thamo and Thame.

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