Other Activities

We can tailor your adventure holiday to suit exactly the kind of experience you'd like. We need to know what you are after - a specific route, a new peak, something educational to include, an aspect of the culture you'd like to experience and it may be a mixture of activities. We tailor specific trips like this all the time so please send us an enquiry form or email us stating what you are after or give us a Phone Call


Chitwan National Park - One of the finest national parks in Asia, renowned for being a haven for wildlife. About 100 miles from Kathmandu, this former royal hunting reserve covers nearly 400 square miles and is home to the Bengal Tiger.

White Water Rafting in Nepal

White Water Rafting - A relaxing and, at times, exciting way to travel through some of the world’s deepest gorges.         No previous experience is needed to feel that "River Magic", as one minute you drift on a gentle flat calm past mountain scenery and the next, plough madly through wild rapids.

View from aircraft - Everest Mountain Flight, Himalayas

Everest Mountain Flight - Nothing else comes close to matching the experience of going on a flight to see the tallest mountains on the planet.  The Everest Mountain flight offers panoramic views of the Himalayas in just one hour - a great way to ‘round off’ an adventure holiday.

We recognise that for many of our clients, their adventure holiday with The Walking and Climbing Company is a trip of a lifetime. Over the years, we've also found that many want to make the most of what Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan have to offer and like us to tailor their holiday experience to make their trip even more memorable. Here are a few suggestions of additional activities that have proven popular that we can organise. Please feel free to let us know by emailing us, phone or on your booking form if we can arrange any of these for you.