Treks in Tibet

Walking to Everest Base Camp, Tibet

Everest Base Camp - This fascinating trip combines both Buddhist and Tibetan culture with relaxed trekking to Everest Base Camp, following the route used by the expeditions of Mallory, Shipton and Tilman in 1922. 

Street market - Lhasa and Mount Kailash trek, Tibet

Kailash with Saga Dawa Festival - If you haven't visited Tibet before then this is a fabulous opportunity to experience a wonderful country with the most stunning landscape and to be amongst the Tibetan people is a treat. Trekking to Kailash is a hugely significant pilgrimage for Buddhists, Hindus and people from other faiths. The trek around Kailash is part of a journey towards enlightenment and is said to cleanse the sins of a lifetime. Mount Kailash is close to the source of four main rivers of the Indian sub continent and is the highest peak in the Gangdise mountain range at over 6,600 metres. It is a stunningly beautiful mountain. The Saga Dawa Festival is a very special occasion to be a part of and this is included in this trip whenever possible. You will also visit Lake Manasarovar one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world and have time in the city of Lhasa.

Everest trek Tibet

Everest Advanced Base Camp - This exciting trek will give you a great experience of Tibet, it’s landscape, culture and people. It combines travel by Land Cruiser then a challenging trek to reach Advanced Base Camp. For the keen walker this is a great adventure that will stay with you all your life. To experience the stunning scenery of Tibet, reaching an altitude over 6000 metres and experience the most famous mountain in the world is an opportunity not to miss.

Samye Monastery - Ganden to Samye trek, Tibet

Ganden to Samye - This trek starts with a short flight to Lhasa, the historical centre of the Tibetan Buddhists. The scenery is stunning and includes a variety of terrain, as well as the beautiful turquoise Nam tso Lake.


Dharamsala and Mount Kailash Trek - This two part adventure holiday starts in Nepal and includes a trip to Dharamsala and Mcleodganj in India as well as tracing the steps of Buddhist pilgrims to Mount Kailash in Tibet.